About Us

Founded by Junior
A beautiful soul, who lived an “ALL IN LIFE” in the verge of becoming a young man. Passionate & the epitome of kindness even when life got hard. A goofy sense of humor, courageous, inspiring to his peers and one who believed that the true measure of a person’s blessing, was in the midst of the valleys. He never stifled his dreams for fashion and in pursuit of it, he wanted to live according to his purpose to design & own his business.

This is when he created “Janice Jeanice Resisted” in hopes to fulfill his dreams.

April 6th, 2019, he wrote an admission letter to attend Fashion Institute of Technology, NY - his dream college, where he described he had a huge impact in crafting his expressions to communicate art with his personality.

Styling for him, had a deep sense of meaning in taking a piece of his insecurities and feeling emotionally confident from the inside out.

September 21st, 2019, he transitioned to heaven and we learned that goodbyes hurt the most when the story is not finished. In light of continuing what he had already started, we want to further his dreams, to acknowledge and commemorate a life that lives on in Glory.
A homage to his mother Janice or Jeanice, how some would call her.

He believed that paying tribute, respect & honor to his source of inspiration was a steer to influence his work.

She was one to always inspire him to embrace with grit the hard work that came with fulfilling his dreams.
We’re all fighting battles & we struggle with things that invoke having to remind ourselves to “RESIST” negativity, temptations, insecurities, oppression & the rawness that lingers from pain.

James 4:7 So humble yourselves before God, "RESIST" the devil, and he will flee from you.
We believe that somehow the shattered pieces of life will radiate internal light that is reflected in renewed hope, peace and a love that will trade
A legacy is made up of everything we leave behind us (good or bad) and Junior didn’t leave one of suffering. We want to honor & remember him in tangible ways that will bring life to a hopeless generation. The pressure to conform is something we’ve all experienced and the stereotypes projected on us, holds no weight when we value our true selves in light of God’s eyes.

Janice Jeanice Resisted embodied Junior's dream to inspire the world & his approachable nature holds true in creating a platform of inspirational garments that captures a winner’s mindset to overcome, resist temptations, & plant seeds of positivity.

Many suffer in silence and the cycle of pain continues, but Psalm 34:18 reminds us that Jesus is always close to the brokenhearted and saves those that are crushed in spirit.